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Filming a movie is no simple task–it requires late nights and early mornings, often without breaks.Is this seemingly grueling environment conducive to getting it on? Check out this list of famous couples who found love– or just lust– on-set.She was born and raised in Palo Alto, California her father Jules Irving was a stage director and her mother was Priscilla Pointer an American actress.So, it was easy for her to adapt to stage acting and movies because she had seen it throughout her life.The final divorce settlement was over 0 million. While on location for the film "Show of Force" in 1990, she had the opportunity to work with Brazilian director Bruno Barreto.Tom Hanks, a cast member in "Cloud Atlas," look at his wife, Rita Wilson, in front of reporters at the premiere of the film at Grauman's Chinese Theatre on Wednesday, Oct. Her desire for harmonious relationships and surroundings is so strong that she avoids personal confrontation or any expression of intense, unpleasant emotions.

Playing opposite Barbra Streisand in "Yentl," she was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.

Warmhearted and generous in love relationships, Amy Irving cannot tolerate pettiness or stinginess in her partner.

Amy wants a hero to idolize and adore, someone to wholeheartedly admire and be proud of.

Inwardly, Amy Irving is often torn with indecision and is much more at odds with herself than others would ever guess based on her flawless disposition.

Amy has strong attachments to her past, the place where she grew up, her heritage, and family traditions.