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This of course could not have been achieved without the help of Guildford Borough Councillor, Bob Mc Shee.

I must also thank the late Dave Salmon and Richard Greenwood MBE for providing the photographs that are etched on this plaque.

Parts can be quite heavily rutted by farm vehicles, especially the trail along the ridge to Liddington Castle; it is easy to catch your pedals on the sides of these deep ruts so go very carefully.

After (or during) rain, the track will inevitably be muddy.

Also I must thank the following people who have generously made donations towards the costs of the plaque; without them, it wouldn’t have been possible: They are - Don Ottignon (who is probably the oldest hand here today) - Pat Kinsella - Bill Moore - Ben Darnton (of Ben’s Collectors Records) - Guildford Historian David Rose - Mick Stone - Charlotte, Emma and Ann Hampshire (in memory of Charlie Hampshire) - Barry Brockman (in memory of his father Arthur Brockman) - Terry Kerslake - Justin White - Malcolm (Mac) Mc Cabe - Alan Newman - Dave Jackson (in memory of John Butt who was Shedmaster here when I graduated to become a fireman in 1962) - John Mc Ivor - Ian Simpson - Geoff Ball - Guildford Rotary Club - Alan Nichols - Dave Bryce - Peter Blanthorn - an Anonymous Nine Elms Driver - Lew Wooldridge - George Michie - Neville Hodges - Jim Lester - Alan Cobbett - an Anonymous OSA Member - David Brown - Ian Barnett - Mick Rowswell and John Rowswell - Donald Baldwin - David Newbery - Allen Mansbridge - Brian Sessions - Tim Crowley (Traction Inspector from my firing days) - Ray Bartlett - Eddie Wells - Pat Evans - Tom Andrews - Bill Tickner - Derek Hayter - Bob Hunt - Alex Mc Clymont - Bernie Knibbs - John ‘Prof’ Nicholson from the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway - and finally, there is Barry Slater ex-55G Huddersfield Driver and member of the Bahamas Locomotive Society.

Fortunately, we were still able to raise most of the funds as a result of the kind generosity of persons completely unconnected with the railway industry who genuinely believe that this place is still part of Guildford’s heritage.

Retired railwaymen and steam fans gathered at Guildford railway station on Farnham Road bridge on Sunday July 9 2017 for the unveiling of a plaque to commemorate Guildford’s engine shed that closed exactly 50 years ago.“What used to impress me whilst growing up in them days was the friendships that were built up over a long time between struggling but caring families.Neighbours were always in your house, other families crossing over roads to talk over fences and walls.The actual figures are comparitively small with Guildford borough registering four people living rough at the time of the survey. Abridged content of the leaflet published by the Guildford Society and East Guildford's Residents Associations in September 2008 outlines their concerns:"Guildford to be turned into a ' super regional hub' and a' centre for significant change'.The Homeless Outreach Support Team, which conducts monthly counts in the town, actively patrols the streets to provide advice.“You know,” Ford draws out, swinging his arms so they brush Arthur every so often,” it doesn’t snow where I come from.” “It doesn’t snow in Guildford? That doesn’t sound quite right, but Arthur’s never actually been to Guildford so he’s not going to argue. Targeted for dramatic housing and economic growth linked to a Woking super 'regional hub' ('strategic gap' separating Guildford and waiting to be scrapped).""Last summer, inspectors increased Guildford's housing targets by 31% over the draft SE plan.

Speed dating in guildford area