Secular view on dating and mating

The world believes it is alright to go outside God’s boundaries for dating, and have sexual relations. ” They base true love off of a feeling and I believe that is why there are so many divorced single adults today. The world’s view is so skewed and trashed by man’s opinions and feelings of what he thinks is the right process.Lastly, God teaches mating should be in the boundaries of marriage, because it is a sacred act and gift from God.First of all, the world has been full of sin since the Fall of Adam and Eve (Genesis 3:1-13 New International Version).According to Scorsone, Giorgia, ‘Mating, attractiveness and promiscuity’ M. dissertation, the secular world view of dating is choosing who their friends like or choosing a mate because of outward appearance or even for materialistic possessions.Highlighting the differences with Biblical views we can see how the secular world appears to have no standards when regarding the dating process of making a commitment.

Now day’s kids are going out on group dates starting at the age of thirteen or younger.

More relationships today are about the thrill, a good relationship revolves around pleasure seeking; once the thrill is gone the relationship is dead.

Gods Views on Dating and Mating Relationships are one of the most important elements of the…...

Thomas Ludwig states that men and woman choosing a mate do so with three factors in mind.

These factors are common in most all cultures (Ludwig, 2010).