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You’ll learn that he played a lot of shows and met many interesting people, but if he has any dreams, disappointments, or insights, he doesn’t mention them., a 1985 best-seller that set the standard for documenting the debauched lives of rock stars. So sure, I’d like to write my story, but it would come out posthumously.

That way, I can tell exactly what went on, without any lawyers coming at me.

What shocking tragedy did the film makers leave out? There”s not any point where you seem to be enjoying the ride. How do you shove two-and-a-half years into an hour and a half? ” And when [his boss] came in, he said, “I”m disappointed to say we didn”t find anything” and it was sitting right…When you opened that thing, there it was. I was a scared little girl, just turned 16, terrified.

What misunderstanding did she and Jett resolve last month, 30 years after the band”s break up? Q: How did you feel about how they handled your love scenes with Joan?

She Made Certain Her Biggest Influence Got a Proper Tribute One of Joplin’s biggest influences was blues singer Bessie Smith, who’s been hailed as ‘The Empress of the Blues.’ In 1937 Smith died from severe injuries due to a car accident and sadly was buried in an unmarked grave, where she remained until August 1970.

Joplin and Juanita Green (who as a child had done housework for Smith) paid for a proper tombstone to be erected on Smith’s gravesite. Her Last Recording Was a Birthday Greeting for John Lennon The last recordings Joplin completed were ‘Mercedes-Benz’ and a birthday greeting for John Lennon. 1, 1970, Joplin recorded the old Dale Evans cowboy tune ‘Happy Trails’ for the former Beatle, which is sort of spooky given the lyrics are “The tune was titled ‘Happy Birthday, John (Happy Trails)’ and released on the Janis box set in 1993.

If you’re curious about the inner life of Jimmy Page, guitarist, producer, rock god, and mastermind of Led Zeppelin for 12 extraordinary years, you’ll come away from his new autobiography none the wiser.

Heavy enough to kill a man, the accurately titled, 512-page is a lavish collection of photographs accompanied by terse, affectless captions.

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Here are 10 things we bet you didn’t know about her: 1.From Chuck Berry to David Bowie, there’s hardly been a rock icon in history that hasn’t been seen through the lens of Bob Gruen.The born-and- bred New Yorker is showing some of his iconic photos at this year’s Art New York at Pier 94 May 3-7 (50 percent of his sales will benefit the Perry J. Here’s what the 71-year-old Greenwich Village resident tells HARDEEP PHULL about his ideal New York City weekend.His charm is like a Communion wafer: It’s ultrathin, and melts away in seconds.After every question, he narrows his eyes, sensing a trap.