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Merging (parts of) two images Paint Your Image on Linen (or wood) Picture Frames for PSP6 Picture Tubes Red Eye Removal Repair Lost File Associations Thumbnails Transparency for the Web Turn Color Photos into Pencil Sketches ..more (including viewlets) From the Cat Tutorials: 3D Bars Add Ambiance to a Photo Aged Photo Beveled Border Blood Text Border Images Brush Characteristics Bubbles Carved Text Chisel Text Clipart Animation Clone Tool Collage using Layers Color Correction Color Depth Color Replacer Tool Colorize a B&W Photo Colorize Clipart Cool Text (ice) Cutout Images Decolorize a Photo Depressable Buttons Dramatic Text Draw Tool Dream Images Edged Text Eggs Embossed Background Embossed Color Text Embossed Text Eraser Etched Text Faded Borders Faded Image Background Fishbowl Photo Flag Text Flame Text Flood Fill Tool Flowers Fluttering Flag Framed Background Frames Glass Text Glowing Images Glowing Text Gold Foil Text Gold Text (1) Gold Text (2) Gradient Background Jems Jem Settings Jewel Tiger's Eye Jeweled Border Kaleidoscope Liquid Metal Text Locket Making Custom Brushes Making Custom Gradients Making Custom Tubes Making Masks Marble Texture Mercury Text Metal Text Metal Text (soft) Mirror Text Neon Text (1) Neon Text (2) Outline Text Paint Spilled Image Picture Tubes Plastic Text Postit Notes and Rolled Edges Preset Shapes Raindrop Image Raindrops on Photos Reflective Image Screws Selection Basics Selection Filled Images Shadow Text (1) Shadow Text (2) Shadow Text (3) Shine Text Snowglobes Spheres Spinning Images (animation) Stainglass Images Stars Steel (1) Steel (2) Streak Text (animation) Text Tool Textured Background Three Color Method Triangles Vector Text Weaved Patterns Gloria's Graphics' Tutorials: Beautiful Butterfly Busy Bees Charming Chapeau Drawing Dragonflies Lovely Lilacs Midnight Magnolia Painting Pears Pretty Parasols Raspberries Victorian Shoe Glori Anon's Tutorials: Batch Conversion Borders Color Menu Copy & Paste Fantasy Images Fillers 1 Fillers 2 Filters/Plugin Fonts 2 Framing Icons Photo Editing Resize/Resample Stained Glass Lamp Text Transparency 2 Tube Making Tube Management Graphic Buds' Tutorials: Bunny Love Cat's Eye Christmas Collage Christmas Tree & Lights Creative Digital Art Fantasy Images Good Transparencies Matted Frames Photo Editing Rooms Snow globe by Nancy Text 1 Vectors ..many more Graphic Distractions Tutorials: Adjustable Email Slot Antique Frame Glass Frame Gold Sand KPT5 Cameo KPT Background Oakleaves Framing Photo Texture Ribbon of Hope Soft Color Haze Text Illusion Graphics by Sue Ellen Tutorials: Bear Bessie the Country Cow Bunny Wagon Buttons Country Andy Folk Cat Humpty Making Blinkies Making Curls Making Eyes Ragdoll Best Friends Snowball Suzy Heart Uncle Sammy Valentine Bunny Guðrun's Place Tutorials: Adding text to animations Animated Biker Animated Kaleido Blinkie name Colour editing # 1 Colour editing # 2 Doll animation # 1 Firesparks Signature Making a base body Sparkles # 1 Sparkles # 2 Sparkles # 3 Turning Letters Signature Harold's PSP Tutorials: Beginners: Country Heart Wall Plaque Simple Heart Pattern #1 Simple Heart Pattern #2 Tassel Cord Intermediate: Child's Wall Tidy Door Harp Family Photo Album Pine Cube Furniture (1960's style) Pot Pourri Sachet Victorian Tassel #1 Advanced: Cinderella Coach (Faberge Egg Style) Victorian Hand Painted Lady's Boot Victorian Terrarium (Indoor Garden) Heffy's Tutorials: Colorizing Black & White Photos Combining Images 1 Combining Images 2 Removing White Backgrounds Working with Dark Photos Helen Duggan's Tutorials: 3D Text Using Blade Pro Cloning Brush Tool Cutting out a Section of a Graphic Embossed Rose Mouse Over Interfaces Placing Text on a Curved Line Ringing the World Transparent Graphics Homespun Designs' Tutorials: Bunny Face Hanging Bunny Wall Hanging Bunny Yard Sign Candy Corn Cat Shelf Sitter Console TV Easter Chick Wall Hanging Frankenstein Gingerbread Shelf Sitter Long Beard Santa Picture Clock Pilgrim Pumpkin Star Reindeer Santa Ornament Scarecrow Star Scarecrow Yard Post Shelf Sitting Boy Bunny Shelf Sitting Girl Bunny Snowman Post U. Flag Uncle Sam Uncle Sam 2 Uncle Sam Yard Post Witch Witch Hanging Witch Star Jadell's Graphics Tutorials: Room Designs (52 to choose from) Jan's Designs' Tutorials: Bauble Tubes Black and White Frame Brush & Mask Stationery Christmas Fireplace Christmas Ornament Christmas Stocking Christmas Tree Collector Plates Color Chart Country Flower Custom Brushes Cutout Text Deleting Tubes from PSP5 Dither Frame Double Gold Frame Easter Basket Easter Egg Easy Lake Applets Easy Snow Applets Eye Candy Swirl Background Faded Edges Stationery Flag Heart Framed Stationery Frames (adding) Fun House Twister Background Furniture (household) Gaussian Blur Frame Gingerbread Man Glass Background Glitter Frame Glitter Mask Frame Gold Framed Stationery Gold and Lace Frame Gold Mask Frame Golden Brush Frame Halloween Ghost Happy Halloween House Installing Tubes in PSP Kaleidoscope Background Kaleidoscope Background 2 Lace Mask Frame Lady Bug Lake Applet (easy) Leather Background Leather Frame Mail Slot Mask Edges Frame Mask Stationery Masks Moon & Clouds Mosaic Background PSP Tools Paint Box Plug-Ins Postcards Pumpkin Rainbow Text Rudy Reindeer Separating Tubes in PSP Shadow Frame Shiny Mosaic Frame Simple Gold Frame Simple Wood Frame Sinedot Butterfly Smear Frame Snow Applet (easy) Spiky Halo Frame Striped and Checked Background Three Layer Frame Triple Frame Tube Frame Valentine Bear Valentine Wreath Weave Background Weave Frame Jan's Niche on the Net Tutorials: Bordered Background Lake Applet Seamless Background Tiles Background Titles Text Jane Braz Tutorials: Archway Bench Blending Images Christmas Ornaments Christmas Stocking Colored Tin-Punch Coloring Clip Art Country Buttons Double Ovals Drawing Fern Easter Egg Critter Fruit Basket Halloween Headstone Jingle Bell Bow Lacy Fans Leaves and Vines Mandala Painted Texture Pitcher & Bowl Pleated Fabric Punched Tin Shading with the Airbrush Sunbonnett Angel Sunflower Swinging Crow Table & Cloth Vanity Dresser Wooden Wheelbarrow Janet's Tutorials: Animate a Butterfly Animated Lake The Easy Snowglobe The Simple Egg Virtual Eggs Jess's Tutorials: Chrome Text Gold Text Glitter Text Misty Cutout Text Puffy Patterned Text Working with B & W Images Jo Flo's Tutorials: Brick Wall Eggs with PSP Mouseover Interface Photo Collage Roman Columns Tassels with PSP6 Virtual Paint or Wallpaper Your Home Wineglass with PSP6.02 Jojo's Tutorial Depot: Animated Grandfather Clock Background Tiles Framed Floral Background Set Hydrangea Blooms Installing Tubes in PSP6 (Can be used in 7 & 8) Leaving Calling Cards in Guest Books Left-Bordered Background Set Making Calling Cards Using Masks Open Book Quilted Patchwork Tiles Snow Globe without any outside Filters Joy's Tutorials: Add Color to the Bars Basic Tips Beautiful Bevel Black & White Blinds Blur: unwanted backgrounds Color Change Colorize Corner Curl Cutout Effects Dividers Double Frame (with pre-made Frame) Easy Fade (without plug-ins) Faded Background Font Viewer Globes: How to use them Globes (with Downloads) How to make Cut Outs How to make the Gemstones How to use the Texturizer Plug-In Inside Outside Frame Layer Stationery Light Filter Lines and Scallops Magazine Covers Make a Locket Masks Again!For those of you who are new to the concept of hacked PSPs, custom firmware might not sound so familiar. Homebrew is software developed by the user community.If you find something in this index that you'd like to read about, click on the topic and you will be taken directly to the page containing that information. : If you don't find an item in this index where you expect to find it, you might try searching using Find (CTRL F), and using appropriate keywords in the "Find what" box.I've used the Tips & Tricks article "titles" in this index.Enabling this homebrew makes the PSP an open platform.It allows you to add the functions and/or applications that Sony did not take care of. When you’re dealing with an open platform, piracy arises.The PSP 3000 is quite similar to the Play Station 2, except on a smaller and more portable scale.

8-bit vs 16-bit Images - 168 Accessing the Corel Paint Shop Pro Newsgroups and Forums - 134 Adding A Drop Shadow To A Vector Object - 054 Adding and Selecting Symmetric Borders - 028 Adding Extrusions to Text or Objects - 104 Adding More Control to Clarify - 177 Adding New Layers Quickly - 030 Adding or Removing Colors From A Selection - 095 Adding To or Subtracting From A Selection - 022 Adjusting Brush Size Using the Keyboard and Mouse - 145 Animation Tips - Adding a Logo or Watermark to All Frames of an Animation - 067 Animation Tips - Saving Images As Transparent Gifs - 066 Animation Tips - Using Layered Images - 065 Another Drop Shadow Trick - 048 Another Way to Curve Text - 076 Background Eraser Tips - 100 Basic Mask Editing - 086 Batch Rename Process - 107 Bezier Lines - 077 Blending "Rough" Edges - 068 Brush Tips, Presets, Options, and Variance - 182 Cache and Related Files - 008 Centering Text or Graphics - 058 Changing Blade Pro Presets Into Super Blade Pro Presets (So You Can See the Preview) - 025 Changing Grid, Guide and Snap Properties - 059 Changing Text Materials the Easy Way - 138 Changing the Angle of A Selection - 196 Closing An Image Without Saving - 125 Color Management Problems In PSP - 167 Color Replacer Tool Tips - 081 Color Sampling in PSP - 187 Colorizing a Black and White Image - 117 Contacting Corel With Error Reports - 164 Copying A Layer And Keeping Data In Same Location - 020 Copying A Layer From One Image To Another - 033 Copying A Menu or Toolbar Item - 050 Copying and Pasting Won't Work Anymore - 189 Creating A Mask From a Black and White or Grayscale Image - 085 Creating Bullets When Using the Text Tool - 179 Creating Text On a Curve - 074 Creating Textures From Images - 061 Crop Tool Enhancements - and Warnings!

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