Pros and cons of dating a pro athlete

It becomes difficult to figure out who will watch football with you and who will force you to give up the television because you watch too many sporting events.It’s as if the window shrinks and the chance at the ultimate tomboy girlfriend goes away.Munson says this needn't be a concern, plus you'd have to really 'try' to achieve a bodybuilder physique!"Protein contributes to growth and maintenance of muscle mass, but women should associate protein with maintaining a lean physique, not 'bulking'.They make for low maintenance, highly loyal and cool girlfriends for the college ball player.Yet in life as college ends and we hit the workforce they get lost amidst the pant-suits, the seasonal fashion and the girly girls.I have been playing Pokémon Go this week to try to figure out what the buzz is all about, and I can see why so many people are hooked.

I never heard about a bad reputation, [but New Yorkers] tell it like it is and I actually like that. ), and now championed as the vital ingredient for reaping maximum muscle-tone rewards with our workouts. Protein's no stranger to the nutritional spotlight, first hailed as a miracle weight-loss solution (thanks Atkins!, and have seen how the unapologetic country singer has come to have it all: a gorgeous NFL husband (New York Jets wide receiver Eric Decker), a beautiful baby daughter, a successful music career, and burgeoning beauty and clothing lines. VH1 recently sat down with the New York transplant — who still likes going to Cracker Barrel — at Smirnoff Ice’s Ladies With Game Tailgate and learned the story of a simple country gal who rose to fame.Allow us to help you get a peak into Jessie’s world and see what she has to say about the ups and downs of being married to a professional athlete and letting the cameras into her everyday life.