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Bodies are strewn everywhere from The New Republic to The Washington Monthly.Left-on-left Twitter looks like Day 110 of The Battle of the Somme.Prepon showed off a giant, sparkling engagement ring at Amazing premiere!No after party for me, cuz work calls in the early AM! #heelsoff #bedtime #sweatersandsweats #comfycozy A photo posted by Laura Prepon (@lauraprepon) on but she has never been one to share much about her private life with the public.In the latest confirmation that Missouri will be a key battleground in next year's national fight for the U. Senate, the National Republican Senatorial Committee will be out with a new radio ad Thursday attacking U. The Democratic Party is tearing itself apart, with the forever war between the leftist Bernie Sanders and centrist Hillary Clinton wings of the party erupting once again into open think-piece warfare over the last week. Claire Mc Caskill, D-Mo., fully a year before the 2018 Democratic primaries.Lauren, 36, previously dated Christopher Masterson, the brother of her ‘That 70s Show’ co-star Danny Masterson, for seven years.

There have been rumors about this couple for a little while now, as Cruise was alleged to have been seen picking Prepon up in an old car and taking her to the Scientology retreat, the Manor Hotel, where they supposedly had fancy wine and laughed and chatted and then flew to space or whatever it is that people in that particular situation do. As you may have guessed from the whole Manor Hotel thing, both Prepon and Cruise are Scientologists, so if they were in fact dating, they probably would have a lot of values and beliefs in common. [Page Six]Amidst all the hoopla about David Letterman retiring and Stephen Colbert being named his successor, there was a persistent rumor about who else might be joining the CBS late-night team in some capacity. Chelsea Handler, who is not renewing her contract with E! Those rumors seemed to be confirmed when Handler posted a picture of herself with her dog; plainly visible in the photo were documents with CBS letterhead on them. Clearly she is in talks with CBS to do some sort of show, right? “She seems like a real woman in even the most outlandish circumstances, and in the grittiest of films she lends an ethereal beauty and tenderness.” That beauty has gained Laura plenty of attention, including a spot on magazine.“I just appreciate people following my career.” In addition to her acting, Laura is an avid activist for animal rights, posing nude for PETA’s 2011 "Exotic Skins” campaign and for a 2014 for ad protesting the keeping of marine mammals in captivity. The actress is believed to have gotten close to Foster over the past few months and the pair were spotted arm-in-arm in New York over the weekend, reported People magazine.Prepon, 36, previously dated Christopher Masterson, the brother of her "That 70s Show" co-star Danny Masterson, for seven years.