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“People closest to me thought I was crazy and making it up,” Kate says now.I mean, Congress is stupid and out-of-touch, and Americans love Congress. What people don't understand, though, is that it's not just reality television stars. But she's for divorcing Tom Cruise and for being pretty and for marrying that handsome American Idol judge with the Australian accent, Jennifer Lopez. But she's older now and she's no longer in the tabloids much and... People want to know who he is dating and how much his house costs. Most famous people -- the vast majority, in fact -- are famous for being famous. That does not make him blameless and he made some very high profile douchebag moves.During his split he had numerous girlfriends, including various babysitters to his children, the daughter of Kate’s plastic surgeon, a Star Magazine writer (who went to hookup and have children with Jon’s onetime buddy, the very abusive Michael Lohan), and coeds.