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My eyes alternated between the absolutely awesome web app for viewing air traffic, Flightradar24, and the sky. Being a lover of technology, software, aviation, and photography, it was like all of my hobbies and passions collided together in a split second. In much the same way, as a database and BI developer and consultant at E-gineering, many of my hobbies and passions collide each and every day.

I watched the plane glide millimeter by millimeter across my i Phone screen until, almost on cue, I detected a slight engine rumble, and then the nose of the massive 747 broke through the cloud cover, sending a surge of adrenaline through my veins. I love all things data: databases, data-driven web applications (like Flight Radar24), SQL (the language for working with relational databases), information presentation and layout, and analytics.

It was a two-hour display of mutual affection between Big Sean and his Detroit audience, replete with "family" references and hometown pride."Detroit, I love you more than anything in the world," he said, calling the night an honor and reflecting on his high school days at Cass Tech when a night like this was just the stuff of dreams.Low-hanging clouds and silence in the air had me wondering for a few seconds if the Rolls-Royce 747-200 would emerge from the veil of mist concealing it.You see, Rolls-Royce, the company my wife has worked for her entire career, was anticipating its own company 747 to make an imminent low altitude pass over its downtown Indy facilities.Most of all, I love to provide solutions and serve people by providing valuable information and insights.I always gauge the success of a project by how well it serves a client. Today, like most other days, I am cranking away at business-oriented data-driven reports, but I also got to put some of my photography and aviation interests to good use today: The flyover was scrubbed last minute (literally) due to the weather just moments before it would have passed over downtown – but not before I was able to capture the low-speed, low-altitude pass before the Jumbo Jet diverted away from its downtown heading.