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Future releases of Ubuntu may not require these workarounds.See the REFERENCES section below to review the actual bug reports which have been filed. Install qemu-2.0.2 with a patch fixing unmapping of persistent grants.

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I disabled puppet and upgraded the os against the external centos repos since puppetagain repos are not up-to-date. Running 2013.2.1-1.el6 from the openstack-havana repo I have some of the openstack compenents running at the moment. All have been registered with keystone and glance has a test image imported.I couldn't find it mentioned in the installation guide but a sudoer rule, on both the controller and compute host, needed to by added to allow the wrapper script to do so.The next step here is to prep some ix-mn machines for baremetal testing.Next steps will be to install a compute node and test a deployment.I successfully setup a compute node on hp6.relabs and was able to launch kvm instances from both the web ui and the CLI.