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This past Sunday, the 1334 votes from a Turing test held at the Techniche festival in Guwahati, India were released.

They revealed that Cleverbot was voted to be human 59.3% of the time.

However, it changes these connections up every two or three sentences, so continuity is disrupted quite frequently. Some hours I asked cleverbot again if it was an atheist.

Feel free to write your own post on your own blog on this topic.As weird as this may sound, when the Cleverbot all of a sudden dropped the "I'm the human" act and started bringing up all sorts of trick questions, clever (often witty) jokes and retorts, and lots of stuff on science and personality questions... I began to suspect, strongly suspect, that the Cleverbot is smarter than it lets on. I had already been testing it, giving it my first name and then occassionally asking it what my name was, using various version of the questions. Note: Membership and subscription to Showcase ALICE is a donation to the ALICE A. Your bot subscription will normally start within 24-36 hours.