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I created cam contact and created servos at the wheels, but when I run the simulation, wheels just spin about their axis and don't go anywhere.Does anybody know how to make a wheel roll on any surface?They are able to proactively assist customers, provide training and effectively troubleshoot and rectify issues quickly.Should assistance from the Developer be required, as we are a subsidiary of DESIGNA, we work together to get resolution to any complex issues/requests should they arise.We invite you to attend an interactive webcast demonstration featuring CAM, contact us today!Send us an email and we’ll get in touch shortly, or call 1-888-461-0226 x144 between a.m. Monday through Friday — we would be delighted to speak with you.However now that things have settled down in terms of growth they are adding lots of features in like cam2cam (one2one they call it) with two way sound as well.

Although Camcontacts is now well established (started in Nov 00) - and probably building up on ifriends in terms of number of girls, it doesn't really seem to have the growth rate of other sites like Cum TV or stream mate.

Cam Contacts brings people together from all over the world, exhibitionists and voyeurs alike.

You will find people from all walks of life who have decided to 'open up' their life to you. All webcams at Cam Contacts use live real-time video streams broadcast direct from ordinary people's homes. It is just like watching a small TV screen on your computer, with NO SOFTWARE TO DOWNLOAD.

Of course some of the more obscure categories don't have a lot of hosts online at any one time, but you'll generally find at least one.

Even "Long Term or Marriage" has 20 or so, though I wouldn't take the category name too literally.