Aston merrygold dating louisa lytton

On the exit of her character, Lytton had commented: "I've really enjoyed my time at East Enders.It has been a great experience which I will never forget but I am now looking forward to trying new things and not getting typecast." Lytton's final scenes were broadcast in November 2006.He also joined the ITV programmed in 2014, ’FUN SONG FACTORY’.

When you get married, it's not just you any more, it's the two of you, and I'm looking forward to reflecting that in our home and making it our house', the Beat Again crooner said.

The high street has officially jumped on the modern maternity wear bandwagon and, finally, there are a whole host of amazing collections for soon-to-be-mothers.

But that doesn't mean you have to stick to specially made ranges.

Merrygold started his own career at a very early age when he appeared as Michael Jackson in the TV show ‘STAS IN THEIR EYES’ and it was in 2002.

Later on he joined the well known pop star studio in Fletton Peterborough as an entertainer.

Aston merrygold dating louisa lytton